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Article provided by: Pro Design, LLC

We provide comprehensive wv web design services for any size business or organization. Whether you are new to the Internet and need your first web site or have an existing site that needs a new look, we can help. We also provide ongoing web site maintenance for any updates, additions or changes. So if your webmaster has taken an extended vacation and you need your site updated, drop us a line!

In today’s market, a presence and professional image on the Internet can mean the difference today between failure or success, regardless of the type of business you need to do on the Web.

At ProDesign, LLC, we don’t just design web pages — we build functional and professional web sites for businesses and organizations. We focus on developing a quality, professional image for your site. We have extensive training and the experience needed to build any type of site, from the simplest to the most complex. We can provide custom graphics design for logos and other images to make your site unique. And, we can integrate your site with print advertising to boost the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising dollars. Most important of all, we’re an established company with a proven track record and we are here to serve you not only today, but tomorrow as well.

We’ve been there. We’ve been flown to Europe to solve security issues for television broadcasters.  We’ve written over one hundred thousand lines of Enterprise Java in a single year.  We’ve performed secure code reviews of hundreds of thousands of lines of source code written by others.  We’ve performed penetration tests – black, grey, and white box.  We’ve cleaned up where others failed.

We eat, breathe, and live these things. And we’re ready to help you.

Pro Design, LLC provides services in three domains:

  • Information Security – From secure architecture designs to penetration testing and application security, we can help.
  • Development – Enterprise Java, mobile applications, web development – we know it.
  • Infrastructure – We’ve had the servers in the garage.  We’ve also been responsible for 30,000 square foot datacenters.  We bet your needs are somewhere in-between.

We believe that any strong practitioner in these areas must understand all three areas.

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