Why Is Retargeting A Best Practice

Ad retargeting, which is sometimes referred to as remarketing, is a form of second-chance advertising that helps you reach potential customers who visited your website but didn’t go through the desired conversion.

You may have wanted them to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter, download information, or provide you with more information about themselves.

Retargeting ads are designed to help convert the people who visited your website but for some reason didn’t follow through with the intended conversion goal.

The primary mission of ad retargeting is to make sure your brand stays top of mind with consumers who have already shown at least some interest in your brand because they’ve visited your website.

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How Does Ad Retargeting Work?

Ad retargeting uses browser behavior (cookies and pixels) to recognize potential targets and feed them your ads wherever they happen to be – a social media site or another website.

By installing a tracking code on your website, the Google Display Network knows to show them ads about your brand when they visit Google Display Network websites or when they search for keywords related to your website on Google.  

The ads are designed to get the user’s attention through personalization and relevancy to previous interactions they’ve had with your brand. Google explains it this way: “The simplest way to think about these ads is to imagine them as the online way of converting regular window-shoppers into buyers.”

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Why Is Ad Retargeting Important?

Ad retargeting is an essential piece of your digital marketing strategy. When you observe the customer journey, most brands will require several touchpoints to convert; retargeting gives you the extra touchpoints you need to ensure that you’ve exhausted all possibilities for converting the lead.

Retargeting, or remarketing, is a very effective way to increase sales volume because you’re reaching an audience that has already shown at least some interest in your brand or product. The ads reinforce brand awareness, encourage potential customers to complete their purchases, and improve engagement.

Benefits of Ad Retargeting

Implementing an ad retargeting campaign can be a cost-effective marketing effort because you’re targeting users who are already familiar with your brand and have a defined audience to which you are marketing.

Because only some of the people convert from an initial visit to your website, retargeting can boost the power of your marketing. Conversion rates are often higher, so your Return on Investment (ROI) on the marketing investment is high value.


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With Google Ad Retargeting, the Power Is in Your Hands

One of the things I love about ad retargeting is how much control you have over how much you spend.

You not only are able to control the budget but also know that every dollar of the ad spend is going to people who have already at least shown some interest in your brand because they have been to your website.

Control Over Who Sees the Ads – and What they See

You can get very granular about who sees your ads.  Google makes creating responive display ads  easier  now when the ads include images and videos and the ad copy that inspires the audience to take advantage of the offer.  

Working with a Google Ad Partner

we know how to setup the tracking code and analytics to generate the remarketing audiences.  

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