Video Testimonials – A Powerful Tool to Promote Products & Services

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Video Testimonials Nowadays, video testimonials are gaining more recognition in the online marketing field as effective marketing tool. As video testimonials are short and easy to understand, customers often look for video testimonials to analyze the worth of products and services. Moreover, customers are able to see, hear and observe the mimics of the person through video testimonials than written ones.

Remember, a good video testimonial can worth you than dozens of written ones. When using video testimonials, you need to pick the best ones as people can see beyond the words.

Here are some simple ways to make good use of video testimonials:

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  • You need to look for a satisfied and knowledgeable client to prepare video testimonial as an inexperienced client may not be able to explain about your products and services effectively.
  • Before questioning the clients, interview them to know what they like about your product or service and then create leading questions to make them feel comfortable.
  • Encourage the clients to express their view points in their own words. Video testimonials that have informal language get more recognition than 20 formal ones. As customers are able to observe the actions and mimics via video testimonials, don’t ask your clients to incorporate different actions and expressions which will be clearly visible in the video.
  • Keep the content as original as possible because it will make your video testimonial look and feel authentic.  Adding special effects can be fun and interesting but keep them to a minimum as they might irritate or distract your viewers so reduce the image filter and special effect usage.
  • Now, you need to promote your video testimonials in popular online platforms such as social media to grab the attention of thousands of customers. You can also create a YouTube channel and upload your videos to your company Facebook page. After posting, invite your existing customers to view the video.

[/list]Here are examples of video testimonials.

These are some simple ways to make use of video testimonials to promote your products and services effectively.  They are valuable for your reputation marketing image online.

With our video marketing services defined by clear objectives we can create a professional video for your brand, testimonials, and advertising.   They can be 30, 60, 90 seconds or custom length.   Click here to see more examples.

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