I am very pleased to write this review for Cheryl MacNaughton, President of Peak To Peak Marketing. Her professionalism and expertise in her field resulted in tremendous success in our social marketing campaign. The results were positive and measureable. Cheryl designed, built and managed our campaign website and consistently kept it current with campaign content and video’s. Cheryl and her team created email accounts for the campaign for the end-users. She also created and managed the social media on Twitter, Facebook and uploaded campaign video’s to YouTube, and Facebook. All campaign content for messaging for our local campaign and national messages was consistently posted in a timely manner. Cheryl also managed the paid promotion of content for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which was targeted to the riding. In addition she also created and managed email marketing campaigns for engagement and donations to the campaign and also created videos for social media engagement to drive engagement. Cheryl also managed and responded to comments and tweets as appropriate in social media. In conclusion, I highly recommend Cheryl and Peak to Peak Marketing. She is responsive, efficient, effective and extremely professional.

Vivienne B.
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