Secrets To Good Sales Copy

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Do you waGood Sales Copynt to know the secrets to good sales copy?

Here are 10 Secrets To Good Sales Copy

Good copy writing has more than one formula.   However, the secrets to good sales copy must contain the essential ingredients.  Excellent communication and emotional persuasion.

Like a recipe. Different recipes will give you different results.. The recipe for your sales page will depend on your target audience.   Start with thinking like the prospective customer solver their problem with the products and services you offer.

Regardless of the recipe for your target audience and prospective customer there are absolute must haves to get it functional and delivering a happy new customer.  The number of Secrets To Good Sales Copy are:

1. Headlines that demand attention and promise.

The importance that a solid headline must have for getting the viewers attention.
If you mess up  the headline (the most important part of your sales letter),they will not get to the rest.  The headline must pre-qualify the reader based on their needs and wants for a solution. , Also a promise to them of an intriguing result if read what comes next.

To get good at this here are the basic tips.  Start cultivating a headline swipe file.  Practice honing your attention-grabbing skills with each article, sales page, ad or  post you write.

2. Opening paragraphs and next lines that promise and persuade.

Presuming the headline piques the readers curiosity, then you need to lead readers to a emotional commitment to read every word of your copy.

Doing this is about establishing rapport with the words that you chose that speaks to them, and expanding on the promise you made in the headline.

Most important at this point is to let them know how that knowledge will get them closer to their desired result.

The reason the opening paragraphs are often called “teasers”.   They’re meant to tease just enough to make the reader want to read more. Makes sense when you know the formula, right.

Continue to help your prospective customer or reader understand they’re in the right place so they’ll keep reading all the way to the very end.

3. Tell the stories that reveal the reasons behind the offer.

The old expression “Words tell, stories sell,” is 100% true.  The reason is that people become more emotionally connected to a story. The sales page does well to create a compelling truthful story to why the offer you’re making came into existence, because that pulls the reader in on a deeper level.

We all want to see how a story unfolds and what happens in the end.  Effective sales pages must  include trans-formative stories about the product or service and the people it has helped.

The prospective customer wants a result via your offer.  They will pay close attention to story lines that involve that result coming true. This is so important to good sales copy.

4. Foster rapport and credibility with details.

The most basic one that is used often is  “Who am I and why should you listen to me?” section.   This is meant to establish credibility. You can emulate this straight to the-point style of  delivery.  However, there are other ways of achieving the same result with more subtlety.

Go back to the story,  this is the perfect place to weave in the background and the results received.  These credentials establish authority, and the reasons that make the solution the perfect choice for satisfying the prospects needs.

People will only buy from those they trust and like. Insure your copy has the details that make the product an interesting and authoritative source.   This way the overall message becomes much more compelling.

5. Subheads that stop “scrollers” and make reading easier and faster.

Solid subheads serve two important purposes in a high-conversion sales page.

First, they make it easy for the prospective customer to know why they need to read the section of text below. They are essentially mini-headlines designed to set up a promise and entice the reader to keep going.

For each text block in your sales page, ask yourself “Why should anyone read this?” Then translate the answer into a compelling sub-head. Keeping them hooked and reading all of it.

The second purpose of subheads is to convey such an attention-getting promise that the people who “scroll and scan” stop in their tracks and say “I’ve got to go back and read this.”

Subhead on the sales page must answer the question.  Are they “stop-worthy.”

6. Anxiety-reducing testimonials

People care about their own problems and specifically, getting them solved and they care about the objections they have when they consider clicking that “Add to Cart” or completing the contact form.

They’re going to be thinking things like these:

“Can I trust this person?”
“Will this work for my problem?”
“Is this going to be difficult?”
“Will I have time for this?
“Can I return this if I decide later I don’t want it?”

You must anticipate their objections and gather testimonials that show an solution to the anxieties behind them. Take a look at testimonials and ask if they’re doing their job in answering the above questions.

7. Proof that your product or service actually works

Walk them through specific examples of how the product or service worked for you which can easily do by weaving these elements into your story.

If you have customers on hand with success stories, work these in as well.  Read Peak To Peak Marketing’ s testimonials. Taking special care to position the results in a way that reduces customer anxiety.

Look for ways that current customers were able to get results despite the obstacles, setbacks, or circumstances that your new prospective customers are likely to be worried about. Then use those examples to show how your new prospective customers can get it, too.

8. Make An offer they can’t refuse

Remember, it is about selling solutions, outcomes, and experiences.

Break out every detail of what the product does for them and weave that into the story as well getting very specific as to how much each benefit is worth; financially and emotionally.

Paint a clear picture of everything they’re getting. Stack value upon value until the prospective customers are filled with the sense that the offer is exactly what they need and furthermore, that the price is a no brainer bargain.

The “10X factor.” is often used.  If you can show the prospective customer that your offer is truly worth ten times what you’re charging, the buying decision becomes much, much easier. And if you can show how the product pays for itself essentially becoming “free”, even better.

9. Have a risk-free environment

People are terrified of being oversold, scammed, and taken advantage of on the internet.  So their shields are up when it comes to trusting what is said.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to offer a strong guarantee that takes all the burden of risk off of their shoulders.

It’s called “risk reversal,” and it’s easy to do. Simply offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Always make refunds simple. The goodwill you generate from being a no-hassle provider is worth any cost of returns.

Of course there are some exceptions, when a return is truly costly to you.   You will need to put some guidelines on returns so that you are not get taken advantage of.

But if what you’re selling is digital product, the downside just isn’t there. The small and temporary cost of refunds will be more than make up by the good referrals of happy customers.

10. Must have solid close that gets the “buy now” button clicked.

All good things must come to an end, you must have a strong call to action.

Remind the prospective customer will get the benefits when they buy.   Resurface the pain and inconveniences that will go away when they’ve fully used the product or service.

Once that is done  then it is time ask them explicitly to buy. Not doing so will cost conversions.

This is not the “hard sell” here.   It is the solution for them to get the solution by just by clicking and making the purchase.

10. a)  That “P.S.” that’s such a sales page cliché? Works like a charm.

When people get to the end of your letter, all their lingering objections get put on one end of the scale, and your price tag gets put on the other. Here’s your opportunity to tactfully let them know that they have the chance to get the solution and benefits they need to solve their problems at the same time.

This not a complete exhaustive list of secrets to good sales copy process, it is the basics though that I use to deliver a solution for your business with a well structured marketing and sales page and process.   You can hire Peak To Peak Marketing who will  consult with you to deliver a compelling sales and marketing solution for your products or services.  Peak To Peak Marketing knows the secrets to good sales copy from the advertisement to the sales page for converting the prospective customer to a happy customer and giving them an enjoyable experience.Good Sales Copy

Our offer is free guide, “What is Local Search Engine Optimization and Marketing” and bonus Keyword Ranking and Visibility Report.

We will be happy to discuss your businesses objective to consult with you and build you secrets to good sales copy for businesses online presence.

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