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Why do you need to rely on a reputation marketing agency for your Okanagan business? One reason: more than 90% of consumers rely on feedback from others when deciding whether your business is worthy of their money. Google My Business Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Yelp BBB and many other reviews site all impact both customer trust and also your rank on Google Local Listings. Take a look at these stats from Writers Block Live about the impact of reputation in 2021 for local businesses:

  • 81% of consumers aged 18–34 trust online reviews as much as their friends and family.
  • About 40 positive customer experiences are needed to undo the damage of one negative review.
  • 97% of consumers read the businesses’ responses to reviews.
  • 46% of consumers believe that they read multiple fake reviews in 2019.
  • Consumers will spend up to 31% more money on a business that has excellent reviews.
  • More than 50% of people consider that at least half of a company’s market value depends on its reputation.

Online reviews have a huge impact on brand identity. Therefore, they must be a large piece of the reputation marketing strategy. We can help you with your reviews and reputation marketing.

Your Reputation – for Better or for Worse – Is Tied to Your Search Results

When someone searches for a product or service on Google or Bing, the results appear along with whatever average rating the company has earned through Google’s 5-star rating system. In fact, how high you appear in organic search now depends, in part, on your many Google reviews your business has received.  When visitors are looking for a business or product, they look at the online reviews and reputation in the search results, social media and on the website.  Reviews and the star rating on Google search results for Yelp, BBB, Facebook, and others all show at the top with the business name in the search results.

What Is Reputation Marketing?

Reputation marketing is monitoring, managing, and acquiring customer feedback reviews to improve the stature of the business brand. Not only does a reputation marketing agency like Peak To Peak Marketing work with you to improve your number of reviews but we will also promote and monitor your reviews. Reputation marketing encompasses regular asking for reviews, posting the reviews on social media and website to truly leverage your brands trust. It is a strategy that combines listening to what is being said about the brand and taking action to improve your Okanagan business’s brand trust and image which builds customer and client loyalty.

Benefits of Reputation & Reviews Management

The reputation of your business can give you a competitive advantage, however, it must be marketed effectively to ensure people know the hard work you’ve put in to earn that 5-Star reputation. Reputation marketing puts your positive reviews and ratings in front of potential new leads and leverages the reviews in ways to improve your visibility.

Why You Should Hire a Local Reputation Marketing Agency for Your Okanagan Business Now

While unfortunate, most businesses do not worry about reputation marketing until they are experiencing overwhelm from negative comments and low star ratings.  Taking control of your brand’s reviews and reputation now can prevent you from experiencing that kind of panic. It’s better to take control of your reputation and reviews from the start.

Goals When Working with a Reputation Marketing Agency

There are several ways a reputation & review service can help your Okanagan business improve your visibility, credibility, and reputation in the Okanagan. These services may include:

Directory Monitoring

Customers are inclined to leave their comments and reviews across multiply directories, which is difficult to monitor and manage without a tracking system.  It’s important to know where and when a review is left and respond in a timely manner to each one.

Google My Business Listing Has The Google Reviews

With more than 90% of searchers relying on Google to find the information, products, and services they need, having a Google My Business listing that is verified and controlled by the business can be a huge differentiator. More reviews can even result in a higher local organic rank in Google’s search results, since they take your reviews into consideration in their algorithm. Monitoring, replying to, and sharing positive reviews can all help you improve your credibility and visibility, especially in conjunction with your local SEO efforts in the Okanagan.

Social Marketing Is Very Important

Mentions of your small business on social media can amplify your visibility online, especially if you engage with your customers on the platforms where they post. We help you do that with branded reviews posts in Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and LinkedIn profile.

Yelp, Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor and More

Google may have a corner on the search market, however, depending on what industry your Okanagan business is in, there are other reputation and review sources that may be as – or more – important to your success. For example, restaurants and hotels may rely as much on Yelp and Trip Advisor as they do Google. And even though Yellow Pages are no longer a physical listing, having your free business appear in their online search directories can help make sure you’re found by customers and YP has reviews too.

Measured and Monitored

Have you ever left a review for a company after having a poor experience? It’s empowering to be able to tell everyone you know about your bad experience. However, if you’re the business owner, it can be pretty devastating to have that happen. We can help you navigate negative moments, respond appropriately, and cultivate positive conversations with a free business app.

Tips to Improve Your Reputation Online

There are many things you can do to improve your reputation online.

  • Request feedback reviews and encourage your customers to copy and paste them to Google, Facebook, Yelp, BBB and others.
  • The Reviews and Reputation system provides multiple ways to ask for the feedback reviews, SMS, QR Codes, private domain link and email.
  • Respond to your reviews – both good and bad. You cannot afford to ignore negative reviews, so it’s best to respond in a way that acknowledges their experience, reassures that it was not the norm, and offer to make it right. This available from our free business app.
  • Be active on social media and engage with your customers by posting a link to the private feedback reviews page.

If you are searching for a reputation management and marketing agency in the Okanagan that can work with you to execute a reputation marketing plan that improves your visibility, credibility, and relationship with your customers, Peak to Peak Marketing is has been providing this service since 2012 with our Reviews and Reputation System

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