Personalized Account-Based Marketing Services

Personalized account-based marketing (ABM) is an approach to marketing designed to help businesses more successfully target their highest value leads and transform them into loyal customers.

Personalized Marketing Is the Key to Success

For account-based marketing to be successful, a high degree of personalization is required. To create this degree of personalization, Peak To Peak Marketing as your marketing partner will develop an in-depth understanding of your ideal target audiences, create the content to communicate that your company has the answers to that audience, map the customer journey, and help you precisely define your value proposition in a way that will convert these targeted audiences into leads and ultimately customers.

Digital Marketing strategy

Rather than using search engine optimization (SEO) to bring customers to you through organic search results, it is a customized marketing effort in which the marketing strategy works with your company to identify target audiences, run targeted paid advertising to a page that engages that prospect for a lead generation.  This effort requires a close partnership and clear communication, often between your marketing director and Peak To Peak Marketing.  Account-based marketing functions with the goal of cultivating your most promising prospects and creating customized messaging to attract them to your business.

Conversions Optimization

Account-Based Marketing Steps

There is finesse involved in both the messaging and the timeliness of this approach, as well as the channels use.  Not only is the marketing itself personalized, and for each target audience, we can provide reporting that identifies what audiences are converting to leads.  The more you can attain a granular view of their needs, pain points, and preferred formats for receiving messages, the more success you will have in creating messages that provide you with the opportunity to convert prospective clients into customers or clients. The following steps are required.


Create Persona Avatars

Creating personas is an essential step that allows your personalized marketing messages to be even further differentiated based on the type of target. The persona will consider what role the person has in the company, how many people are involved in making the final purchasing decision, what the main pain points are for that particular company, and how their mission aligns with your products and services.


Identify Target Audiences

Working closely with you, our marketing team will help you create the profile of your ideal customers. Your ideal audience profile will consider many factors, including what they are looking to have solved for their needs and why they will see value in your services.  By creating an ideal profile of your most valued customers or clients you will be able to carefully narrow your marketing messaging to those individuals.

Value Audience Messaging

Customize Marketing Campaigns

Using the identified target information and the created personas, the next step is to develop a marketing campaign personalized to the individual lead. Based on research and relevancy, this may include social media campaigns on specified platforms, email campaigns, and website landing pages. The approach may change for each lead.

Analyze and Refine

In order to have the best success with personalized account-based marketing, an analysis must be conducted on the results of each campaign.  That data can be used to make refinements to both the personas and the campaigns using that data.

Account-based marketing is a powerful solution for reaching your highest value accounts using impeccably customized messaging designed to resonate with the recipient more effectively than generic marketing efforts. It is not appropriate for every client, but for those businesses who have the potential to close lucrative deals with large accounts, it is an essential approach. The benefits of account-based marketing include:

  • Improved sales and marketing processes
  • Integration of marketing and sales efforts for better alignment
  • Improvement in the understanding of your value proposition as it relates to your ideal market
  • Increases in revenue

At Peak to Peak Marketing, we work closely with your sales and marketing teams to develop a comprehensive account-based marketing strategy. We help you accelerate your sales process by identifying and targeting your most promising leads with personalized messaging on platforms they already use. We streamline the conversion process and use the data we gather to continually improve the marketing effort. The result? Measurable ROI and sales growth.

Working with an expert marketing partner like Peak to Peak Marketing can help you ensure that your personalized account-based marketing strategy is sound and effective. 


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