Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay Per Click Advertising

How do you know if you are getting the most ROI from your Pay Per Click Advertising best practices?

Are you paying for clicks that are not converting to meet your business objective?

1. The old way of building a Pay Per Click advertising campaign and then just ignoring it does not work well with today’s sophisticated Pay Per Click advertising best practices. You have to nurture the campaigns, ads and keywords. Think of them as plants that do not do well when they are not watered.

2. Many small and midsized businesses struggle with what to measure and thus do not bother to do it. If you cannot or do not measure your Pay Per Click advertising then you will have very limited insight into what you Pay Per Click advertising is actually doing for your business and marketing objectives. Setting up and measuring the goals and objectives from the beginning will give your Pay Per Click advertising best practices strength and good ROI.

3. Pay Per Click advertising best practices are always testing ad variations. At least two ads should be written and tested with variables that offer the unique selling proposition and call to action.

4. Testing between broad, phrase and exact match to see which brings you the best combination of traffic and converted sales. It is a Pay Per Click advertising best practices to have a good list of negative keywords. This is critical when running broad and phrase match keywords in search category. This insures that you are not getting impressions for keywords that are not in your target traffic.

5. Pay Per Click advertising best practices should match the keyword, adgroup and the landing pages. They should be congruent and relevant with the keywords that the searcher is looking for. This give the searcher a happy experience and helps you with a higher quality score in Google Adwords.

6. People do search for information for research of what their options are. Sometimes they search with broad keywords terms and then slowly narrow their search to the specific product or service they are looking for. Pay Per Click advertising best practices always thinks like your prospective customer and then uses the keyword that they will be searching This makes sense. It is not easy as easy to implement though.

7. Always be testing the landing pages, advertising text or banner and keywords. If you are not testing the process then you are not getting the highest ROI for your Pay Per Click advertising.

Pay Per Click advertising best Practices are a great way to have your customers find you and your business.

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