Online Marketing Companies In Canada

Online Marketing Companies in Canada

There are a number of online marketing companies in Canada, which can make it difficult to choose which marketing company you should choose as your visibility partner. There are many variables to consider when choosing a Canadian online marketing partner. We trust that you find this article helpful. It all starts with understanding what your business objectives are, who is your audience, how is the competition positioned and what makes your business unique.

What is online marketing and why do I need it?

Online marketing is a group of strategies that allows your brand to gain visibility online wherever people are searching for your products in search results.  Why do you need it? Because more than 80% of consumers turn to the internet to find what they’re looking for – and of those searchers, 90% use Google. So online marketing is an essential method for making sure your business is visible wherever your customers are and for the search terms that they use to find your business.

Online marketing versus traditional marketing

Traditional marketing includes print advertising (postcards and mailers, newspapers, and magazines), media buys (TV and radio spots), and billboard advertising. These can still be a good method of marketing.  The listings in phone directories or other printed directories are now no longer reliable because they only now reach only a small percentage of the consumers.  Printing and mailing marketing materials have continued to rise, especially when the printer is a Canada Post partner. It can be effective when combined with online marketing. 

Online marketing has leveled the playing field by making advertising accessible to many small businesses while delivering a measurable ROI and often better than traditional advertising could. Building a targeted website that communicates to your audiences and what makes your business unique, creating and populating social media platforms, and sending email marketing to your target audience can all be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. It becomes an asset of your business. 

Benefits of working with an online marketing company in Canada

Online marketing can be a powerful way to increase your visibility, both globally and locally. However, without expert help, it can also be a time and money drain. Clients have come to Peak to Peak Marketing after spending thousands of dollars on Google Ads or on a website build only to get no results, no traffic, and no new business. Working with Peak To Peak Marketing who has been delivering results for our small business clients since 2009 because we specializes in online marketing.  We have  proven results from our clients that they are getting value from the marketing dollars they spend.  They have hired Peak To Peak Marketing and continue to work with us because we keep current and as Google Ads Partner we ensure that the budget amount has an ROI. 

What types of online marketing services should I use?

There are a number of tools that, when used together, can make your online marketing strategy more powerful and effective. It starts with having a well-designed, optimized website and blog, with associated social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, social marketing, and video marketing. Most online marketing companies in Canada will offer a variety of digital marketing solutions that can help your business. What makes Peak to Peak Marketing stand apart is our Review & reputation marketing service and our Google Ad Partner Certification, plus we have been delivering digital marketing services since 2009.   Do you realize how important Google reviews and other reviews are to your overall SEO rank? Our Reviews and Reputation system that we have been providing to our small business clients since 2012 ensures that your business will receive more reviews and that the reviews themselves are handled properly.

Challenges of online marketing

Online marketing in Canada can be a powerful way to grow your business and reach new customers who are searching for your business products or services. However, it also presents challenges. Because it appears that anyone can create a social media account or website, or buy ads, and that it is easy.  However, without experience and expertise, you’re likely paying a lot to Google Ads or Facebook Ads with  minimal results. Competition is strong in many markets for both SEO ranking and Pay Per Click with Google Ads. Understanding your audiences search terms, ad offer, and landing page experience that speaks to your audiences’ problem is required to ensure you rise above the competition. 

Marketing online can also quickly become outdated if you are unable to manage and update the content, ads, search terms, social posts, and ensure that you are always asking for online reviews.  Plus, it can be a challenge if you don’t have a creative partner who can bring attention to your brand. For many Canadian business owners, it becomes more work than you can handle while still running the business.

How do I choose an online marketing company in Canada?

 The first step you should take both before and after you’ve chosen a Canadian online marketing professional is to establish your business objectives. Are you a local company trying to drive traffic to a specific location in geographical area? Are you a regional company with a product for sale that needs to increase repeat and new business to manage the costs of production more effectively? Are you launching a new product and need to expand your audience to reach the right buyers?

Your business objectives will define your online marketing strategy. We can help you with your business objectives as your Canadian online marketing partner. We can help you refine your efforts and ensure that your marketing is as effective as possible. You can learn more about how to choose the right company on another blog post here.

If you’re looking for a Canadian online marketing company in Canada with the experience and expertise you need to grow your businesses online visibility, please get in touch.


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