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Indexed on Google

How to Get Your Website Indexed on Google

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can take forever (if “ever” ever even comes) to get your website indexed on Google. (And, if your web site is not indexed on Google, you basically do not exist online.)

If you’re not indexed on Google, the only people that will ever find your site are people that you actually give the URL (your website address) to and they type it into their browser correctly.

We have several ways of getting indexed on Google pretty fast here at Peak to Peak Marketing that can get your website indexed, however, we do not control how Google will do it.   It is also important to have a long term plan with your SEO because the web is alive and thus changing all the time.

Your on-page SEO is the foundation for being indexed on Google. The off-site SEO is determined by the quantity and quality of back links that Google indexes that point back to your site. Google’s “bots/spiders” are always crawling the internet looking for the relevant content and  following links to web pages (sites), and therefore you need to get your new web site and its pages  linked to by established websites that Google “crawls” (or reads) regularly.  There are several of them.

When the Google “spider” crawls the existing website and finds the link to your website, the spiders will follow it. Then, finding new “content”, Google will index the information on your site, and now you will exist in the bots world of Google and be indexed on Google. (And trust me on this, Google IS the internet for all practical purposes.)

OK, so who’s gonna link to a brand new website? Well, if you know other people with successful websites, you can ask them to link to your new site. Then, the next time their site gets crawled my the Google spiders/bots, you’ll get indexed. So, the more successful their web site is, the more often it will get crawled, and the sooner you’ll get indexed.

Be sure to stay away from low-rent websites and gambling sites,and the like, because their reputation will affect the way Google bots sees your site.

Another way of getting your new website found by Google is to “bookmark” your link at some of the social bookmarking sites, like Digg, StumbleUpon,, Propeller, etc. These sites get crawled several times a day, if not hourly, so your new website pages can show up real fast sometimes. Mine have in 24 hours.

Press Releases are a must to get your site indexed on Google quickly as well. And another benefit of press releases is that many of the popular online press release sites have a strong Page Rank (PR) of their own and can pass some “link juice” to your site.

Another great way to get indexed fast is article marketing. Submitting an article (or several) to article directories like Ezine Articles, Squidoo and Go Articles will not only get you indexed, but will provide a valuable high page rank link to your site as well as some traffic if your article is good.

These are examples of some of SEO Services  practices. As the searching bots evolve so do the SEO requirements. Being indexed on Google, Bing or Yahoo and are motivated to have your business be the dominate presence for your business category in your market,  then we can put a strategic plan together for your business.  Complete the request a proposal form

At Peak to Peak Marketing we use SEO best practices to get our clients indexed by Google consistently for search engine results on page one.

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