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Google Ads Specialist in Okanagan 

Are you looking for a Google Ads specialist in Okanagan? Peak To Peak Marketing is a Certified Google Ads Partner we work diligently on Google Ads campaigns for our clients to ensure that the campaigns perform well and achieve objectives. And because we live and work in the BC, Okanagan, we understand the needs and objectives of the local businesses we serve – whether you’re trying to reach your local market or the global community.

How Can Google Ads Platform Help My Business?

Google’s search engine accounts for 96% of all searches, so being found on Google is a necessity for any business. While SEO optimization is crucial for your long-term, organic visibility, Google Ads provides you with a highly sophisticated opportunity to reach the hottest leads. Without the right Google Ads specialist by your side, however, your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can become a money drain that delivers zero results.

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a program offered by Google that allows businesses to conduct online advertising, it was formally known as Adwords. Ads are delivered through a “pay-per-click” (PPC) campaign, meaning every time someone clicks your ad, you pay for the click. The goal, of course, is to create ads that attract people most likely to buy your products and services so that every click you pay for is a potential sale.

Benefits of Google Ads

Google reaches nearly every consumer. More than 90% of users rely on Google to find what they are looking for; more than 2 trillion searches are made on Google every year. There are a number of benefits of working with a Google Ads partner to increase your visibility.

We All Us The Term “Google It”

There’s a reason Google isn’t just the name of the search engine, it is also the verb we use when we search for information of any kind. Consumers turn to Google thousands of times a day to find the answers to questions – and they do the same any time they are looking for a product or a service.

Google Lets You Target Consumers at Any And Every Step of the Customer Journey.

Google’s Ads Platform tools, when used properly, allow you to reach customers at the right moment for your business. From capturing consumers early in their search with broad search terms to attracting a highly specific niche audience with well-researched longtail keywords, you can put your brand in front of the people you need to reach.

Google Ads Reaches Your Audience

You might be selling to anyone in the world who can buy, however, if you are a local business in the Okanagan simply trying to reach the people in your neighborhood or region, Google Ads allows you to specify to which locations your ads are shown. If you serve the BC Okanagan Valley but couldn’t possibly help someone in Calgary, Calgary searchers won’t see your ads when the correct location targeting is set up.

You Control Your Budget

You can decide how much to spend per month, per campaign, and even per click. And working with a Certified Google Ad Partner at Peak to Peak Marketing, you’ll have the benefit of our expertise to determine which longtail keywords are worth bidding on and what ad strategy will deliver the best results.

Google Ads Can Put You in Front of Consumers Quickly

There will always be a certain number of consumers who will skip over ads and look for organic results, which is why you also have an SEO strategy to help you achieve page one on Google organically. However, because it can be a slower process, it is part of a long-term strategy, a Google Ads specialist can help you to shortcut your SEO efforts with a sophisticated ad strategy that gets your products or services seen sooner. The two efforts are complementary.

Build Brand Awareness

Thanks to the Ads search network, even when potential customers don’t click on your ad, your brand and offering is still something they see. So even when you’re not paying for clicks, you’re still building brand awareness with every ad that can result in more foot traffic, more direct searches for your company, and better visibility. Your Google Ad specialist can even help you develop a brand awareness strategy using Google Ads instead of focusing on PPC.

Drive Sales

You don’t have to send searchers to your home page or an about page. In fact, Google prioritizes results that “match” what you’re selling. Therefore, you can direct your clicks right to a sales page that is designed to transform the interested into the converts. Google Ads are more effective at delivering conversions because you get to match your marketing message in the ad to the page they land on.

Measurable ROI

Working with a Google Ads specialist, you can maximize your advertising ROI. The Google Ads team offers a variety of bidding strategies, depending on your goals. Google identifies some basic advertising goals:

  • Smart Bidding – Focus on conversions with tracking.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) – Generate web traffic.
  • Brand awareness – CPM bidding lets you be seen using a cost-per-thousand viewable impressions price.
  • Video ads – If you’re running video ads, you can choose to pay per view to get your product and or service in front of the many eyeballs (CPV), or you can pay per thousand views (CPM) to get your video in front of the most eyes for the brand or product awareness. Bonus is that YouTube Video ads are a fraction of the cost of Search Ads.

Learn More About Your Customers and Leads

Because of the robust reporting and analytics, you get with Google Ads, you can learn more about your customers and potential customers and then adapt your ads to be more effective. The level of flexibility within each campaign and for your overall Google Ads campaigns puts you in control of how much you spend, who you can reach, and what they’re seeing about your brand and products.

As a Google Partner company, Peak to Peak Marketing specializes in Google Ads and other small business digital marketing strategies to help your Okanagan business be visible to your target market. Using our in-depth marketing knowledge and innovative online marketing strategies, we help you get an edge on your competition.


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