Are All Websites Equal? 


MYTH: If I have a website I can run digital paid ads to it to get more business. 

 This is false. 


If your website lacks calls to action and the messaging is generic, it won’t resonate and move your audience to action. In fact, it is Google Ads that will make more money for you and your business. However, all websites can benefit from paid Google Ads when they are designed to convert to business objectives. 

Digital Marketing strategy


What does this mean?  Well, if a potential client has gone to your website and there is nothing for the client to engage with – the business transaction likely stops in its tracks.

To be engageable, on the homepage and inside pages, there needs to be some product, service, or valuable information that your client wants and needs. For example, on a recent tax website Peak to Peak Marketing worked on, a downloadable article was created that said the following.

Learn How To Save On Your Corporate Taxes

Did you know you can save thousands of dollars by

filing a corporate tax return (T2) instead of financial statements?

Find out how.

Download this white paper and save you and your business money now!

To receive the information on how to save their business money the client must fill out a form that gives the website owner their email.  It is a valuable exchange.  Once the website owner has the email for the potential client, now the owner can send emails and continue the conversation about their business and how it will benefit their potential client.  This is just one way that a client can engage.  Another way might be to offer a coupon that gives them 15% off any item they purchase on the website. Or maybe if it is a membership website you offer the first month for free. The engageable offer is a door opener but the real meat and potatoes of the website is who the website is talking to.

authentic messaging
target audiences and messaging


The number one mistake most website exhibit is they talk mainly about themselves.  In other words, their whole website is dedicated to talking about their company and not about the potential client.  When a client goes to a website the website needs to address their needs and unique concerns in language that truly resonates with the client.  Most websites do not do this – they are far too generic.  If you can put your hand over the logo and put another company’s logo in its place and all the copy works – the website wording is far too generic and will not cut through the clutter of the internet.  The question is: how do you create a unique market position that differentiates you from your competition?


Peak to Peak Marketing partners with Creative Wonders Communications to conduct two marketing sessions that will pinpoint your unique target audiences and what messaging will directly answer your potential client’s needs and concerns.  Let’s look at these two sessions and what they will address.

TARGET AUDIENCE SESSION: Who are you talking to?

What needs or pains is your website or promotional material addressing?

All marketing materials need to talk to your target audiences and how you can best help them. To do this we need to look deeply into the way they think and move in the world. In this session, we will identify your primary, secondary and tertiary markets in detail so you can talk directly to their needs and concerns in a way that will make them want to know more and engage with you.

target audiences and messaging


What makes your business unique? To answer this essential business and marketing question:

“Why your business over any other business in your field?”

you need to understand what makes you unique, and then you need to be able to communicate that uniqueness in succinct and powerful messaging. To accomplish this end, we will do a Blue Ocean Strategy Session to identify how you can position your business in a way where you are not offering the exact same benefits as your competition. Together we will identify how you are unique and why your potential client should choose you over the competition.

 Working together Peak to Peak Marketing and Creative Wonders Communications can deliver the targeting and messaging you need to build a website that engages and converts. Once this is done Peak to Peak Marketing can run paid advertising with Google Ads and Bing Ads that will turn into real business leads and thus more business success.  

Is your website a good candidate for digital advertising? 

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