Social media marketing and building your business reputation requires action and being seen and heard on the social web, even when there are negative comments and criticism. Be aware of what is being said about you and your business so that you can massage the negative perceptions about your reputation, brand and business. Participating in […]

Online video marketing is now a necessary part of marketing for connecting with your prospective customers and followers, fans and customers. It provides the medium to create the rapport with your customers, prospects and prospective customers. What are the advantages of online video marketing?   The biggest is that you can reach all types of […]

Do you want to know the secrets to good sales copy? Here are 10 Secrets To Good Sales Copy Good copy writing has more than one formula.   However, the secrets to good sales copy must contain the essential ingredients.  Excellent communication and emotional persuasion. Like a recipe. Different recipes will give you different results.. The […]