Small Business Solutions From Constant Contact

Small businesses that do well surround themselves with a strong support team.
That means subject matter experts in marketing, like Peak to Peak Marketing.   In December 2012 we became a Constant Contact Solutions Partner.

Most small businesses have already heard the name Constant Contact and think of auto-responder emails.   Are you aware that Constant Contact now has a comprehensive suite of products and services that all work together to assist in the marketing for small businesses.   We see with our small business clients that they are seeking marketing tools and solutions that work together.   We want to provide this to our customers and see that Constant Contact solutions provide the tools that work together.
Small businesses can now compete effectively and on a budget with big brands who have big budgets.   With cost effective applications and tools from Constant Contact we can create a custom marketing solution for your business using the latest and best marketing techniques.

Small business owners struggle to keep up on all the online marketing tips and tricks and still run their businesses.  Small business owners who recognize that they cannot be the experts at their business and marketing are hiring Peak To Peak Marketing.

Constant Contact Tools and Applications

Email Marketing

Constant Contact Email Marketing offers you a fast, effective way to get your message out to customers and keep your organization top of mind. This a breakthrough marketing tool that’s just as easy to use as it is powerful.

They have custom built social media tools into all of our 400+ email templates. So now, when you send an email to your mailing list, you’ll be able to connect with a whole new audience of potential customers via social media sites—and generate even more new business.

  • Personal coaching and Know How make it easy.
They have amazing support for the Constant Contact industry-leading email and social media marketing tools.  But it’s their coaching with a personal touch and unparalleled Know How that make it easy for organizations like yours to make an impact with customers—and take your bottom line to a whole new level.
  • Tracking and Measure
View graphs of your email campaign results, including: Open rates, click-throughs, bounces, and more.

Measure your social media success with our new Social Stats feature, which counts how many fans ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ your emails on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

All of this for as little as $15 per month.  Now that is cost effective marketing that keeps you company and brand top of mind.

Social Campaigns

Social Campaigns helps you connect with existing fans and attract new ones to your Facebook Page by offering promotions, coupons, exclusive content, and more. It’s super easy and it sure delivers.

The easy-to-use tools and coaching with a personal touch are available to make it easy. So you always have the help you need to achieve terrific results from your social media marketing efforts.
Social Media Certficate
Here’s what the social campaigns tool can do for your business!

  • Announce your campaign to your customers and prospects via email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • They click on the link to get your offer, and arrive at your Facebook Gate Page.
  • They click “Like” on your Page, or enter their email address to get your offer.
  • They get excited, and tell their social networks about you and your offer.
Then their friends go to your Page to get it. And so on, and so on! You can even get real-time campaign results to see how well you’re doing!

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Events can be a great way to reconnect with old customers, meet new ones, and, ultimately, grow your business. They’re a win-win-win. Anyone who has setup an event knows they can also take precious time away from your “real” job. Solution: Constant Contact Event Marketing—an insanely easy-to-use online tool that helps you fill your events in less time for less money.

Invite, promote, and register—all in one place!  How easy is that?

The EventSpot Marketing tool automates the entire event marketing process from start to finish. So now you can create professional-looking invites, capture and track guest registrations, collect payments, and more—all from a single online tool. Plus, with integrated social media “share” tools, you’ll be able to build serious buzz for your events and reach a whole new audience.

With the EventSpot Marketing tool you can take events to whole new level.   Everything is leveraged and easily run from you EventSpot Marketing dashboard. Constant Contact provides video tutorials to show you how to set it up and then follow the results, all in a few clicks.


Today, it’s all about understanding and responding to your customers. Learning their interests. Their preferences. And their concerns. So you can give them the products, services, and communications that fit their ever-changing needs.

  • Get the feedback you need. Create the value your customers want.
  • Find out what your customers are looking for with online surveys.
  • Choose from over 60 sample survey templates!

See trends. Pinpoint key issues. And respond quickly to what your customers are telling you — so that you can make continuous improvements in your business.

Imagine if you could give your customers an easy and consistent way to offer their honest — and frank — feedback. You can. Just ask them with online surveys. They’re the perfect fit for a small business like yours.   Then share them on your social media pages, emails and website.

January 2013 we became a Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact.  We are happy to present best practices in Social Media Marketing and Power of Email Marketing at no charge to groups of 30 or more.Peak to Peak Marketing Local Area Expert

Sign up today for Free 60 day trail.   They are very cost effective to use with monthly subscriptions.

You will have to confirm your email address before receiving access to the Guide