Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are the most dominant social media applications, but they are not the only ones.   LinkedIn, Google +, Digg , YouTube and others are also important. Different social media sites have different community users.

Social media has given the businesses the opportunity to create a connection and discussion with your customers like never before.   Politicians and non-profits have also been able to harness the power of social media marketing.  Social media marketing combines the applications of social sites and blogging for the exchange of communication.


We can assist you in harnessing the marketing opportunity that social media presents

We advise on setting up your profiles and management of them.  We have the knowledgeable experience to help you combine social media, SEO and pay per click (PPC) to create energy and excitement around your brand and build the relationships.


How do we do it?

Social Media Coaching

We provide you with coaching to help you make the most of social media. We will help guide you with insight on the different social media venues to make the most of them to build the relationship with your community.

Social Campaigns from Constant Contact

You are able to set up and run campaigns that are designed to create leverage from Facebook. Using the “like” gate to promote the list of followers on your Facebook page while giving them a special offer. Measure it and promote it across multiple platforms. The Social Campaigns makes using Social Media easier for small business.

Social Media Profile

We will assist you or create your social media profile. Getting your profile set up on the best social media sites for your business to connect with your targeted community and also help you with the branding, reputation and development of the profile

Blogging and Copy-writing

Creating effective content for blogging that is unique and is focused on the marketing objectives to communicate messages is what our professional copywriters produce.

Video Marketing

Create short and well produced videos to communicate your business unique offer and raise awareness. Harness the real experiences of your customers with 30 second testimonials that are trusted. Compete with the big corporations with advertising that is placed on YouTube. All of this is now very affordable for small business. We have examples of real customers who have harnessed the power of online video marketing.

Social Media Pay Per Click

Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube have effective PPC abilities. The PPC campaigns can be focused with demographics and geographic locations. We can help you set these up or manage them for you