Small Business

Small business and home business owners who seek to grow their businesses with a high marketing ROI are turning to marketing online to compete effectively.

Why, because online inbound marketing has the highest ROI when compared to cold calling and traditional marketing. Small and medium sized businesses are now able to compete effectively and level the playing field.   The reason is that people are no longer turning to the Yellow Pages to find the small business services and products.  Radio, newspapers, magazines, and other forms of interrupt marketing are all down.  Small business online inbound marketing through search engines and social media is up.

SEO, social media and pay per click (PPC) combined with a SEO designed website and clear marketing objectives built to convert to new leads delivers results for small and medium size businesses.

We work exclusively with only one client for each small business category per city. We work exclusively with only one client for each small business category per city.
Case Study

We have recently worked with a small business that is in a very competitive market with many competitors who have been online for many years.   This client recognized that they also needed to build their own online inbound marketing solution for lead generation.

small business

We dissected their competitors and created a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy to convert for their objective. With an SEO design website that has on-page SEO optimized custom content, they are happy with the results. In 60 days from launch of the website they have received 31 leads, and ranking for 29 keywords on page one of Google with our strategy.

“Peak To Peak Marketing has a keen attention to detail and professional approach to all aspects of online marketing”~ Greg Hillman
We have excellent copy writers to write content that is keyword optimized.   The search engines love lots of fresh content that is easy to understand.  This is accomplished in the blog portion of your website for small business.

How long does it take to receive rank?

It depends on the competitiveness of the category.  Some keywords can be ranked faster than others.  SEO is a long term commitment and strategy with long term results.  Some keywords take about a year to receive top rank and to keep the position in competitive markets requires consistent and persistent attention to all aspects of SEO.  Some keywords are less competitive and our research can determine some of the “hidden gems” that the competitors have not yet discovered. Working with your business objectives and budget we can create results for your small business with an effective inbound online marketing strategy to compete.