Lead Generation

What’s the secret?

  • Send targeted traffic with SEO and PPC
  • Web design to convert visitors into leads and sales
  • Easy to complete form with an incentive
When lead generation is the primary purpose of the website, then the website needs to be designed to convert to leads. It is very effective when the marketing objective is designed into the site.  We exclusively work with only one business category client per city for lead generation.  All of the web pages need to be presented with the incentive for the visitors to complete the forms.


How is it done?

Marketing Objective Defined

We consult with you to define the marketing objective. With a clear objective defined, we create the content of articles, videos, images and free give away incentive to achieve the objective of lead generation

Sales Funnel Optimization

With a clearly defined marketing objective, the website’s content is based on the criteria for taking the visitors from general interest to completing the contact form, while also optimizing the content to simultaneously eliminate the visitors that are not qualified and less likely to convert to a lead.

Useability and Navigation

A website design must be easy to navigate and provide useful information for the visitors. The content needs to provide the answer to the question for the visitors. It must also encourage the visitors to stay on the site with menu, search button, and blog.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is a landing page that is specifically designed for pay per click. The landing page must be congruent to the keywords that are in the advertising and provide the answer to the searchers’ request.

Website Maintenance and Optimization

Maintenance is important to keep links functional, outdated content and other issues from turning away potential leads. We will consult with you to fine-turn the incentives, streamline the forms and keep fresh optimized content on the website for lead generation lead generation