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Web 2.0Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM) from Peak to Peak Marketing combines  Web 2.0 with brand marketing in the highly competitive and constantly changing environment of online marketing.

Peak to Peak Marketing stays focused and up to date on Web 2.0.  We combine the technical know-how with proven marketing strategies to achieve the business objective for our clients.

Specializing in Reputation marketing for businesses that value their good reputation Specializing in Reputation marketing for businesses that value their good reputation

Our approach to building your online reputation brand and (SEM) search engine marketing.

We work with you to create a customized Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan.   These comprehensive services  combine our work ethic and integrity to deliver results.  Achieve top rankings that will last, to drive more traffic and in-turn conversion to the business and marketing objectives.

Conducting a in-depth analysis of your market category, your current position and rankings we have a base line to work from.  With your customized strategic plan we move forward with intention.

Millions of websites are competing to be found.  Only a few are at the top of the first page search rankings .  To earn those coveted ranks in the search engines and get the most from your inbound marketing budget, contact Peat To Peak Marketing for a proposal.

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Our Services

Reputation Marketing

Marketing online is a requirement for all businesses.  Being found online when people are searching for your business by name or keywords with the category now includes your reputation.  The reputation scores are now listed in the search results right below the location, phone number and map location.

Reputation marketing is now the most critical marketing for all businesses because your business is affected by the reputation score.  Take control of your reputation online using a reputation marketing development system that manage, markets and develops a 5 star reputation.  Find out what your reputation is with our free instant report by adding your phone number (find free reports at top of page).

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Social Media

Social media is here to stay and with smart phones, tablets and the evolution of communicating.  Social media marketing must be a part of the marketing strategy.   We help our clients with the strategy and implementation through coaching, design and content creation.   Social media allows the relationship with the customers to extend beyond the individual interaction.

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Lead Generation

Online inbound marketing for lead generation has one of the highest ROI’s for generating qualified leads.  When done effectively with an optimized web design, an incentive based on the marketing objective with relevant keyword optimized content creates a powerful lead generation funnel

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Small Business

Online inbound marketing has the highest ROI when compared to cold calling and traditional marketing. Small and medium sized businesses are now able to compete effectively and level the playing field.   The reason is that people are no longer turning to the Yellow Pages to find the small business services and products.  Radio, newspapers, magazines, and other forms of interrupt marketing are all down.  Small business online inbound marketing through search engines and social media is up.

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Local Online

All of the major search engines are now using some sort of local search technology to display information about companies that are based in one specific geographic location.  Google has Google Places and now they give you a Google + Local page to participate in the Social Media Marketing.  Yahoo has Yahoo Local (not in Canada) and Bing has Bing Local.

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SEO Website Design

Website designed for search engine optimization and the marketing objective is what Peak To Peak Marketing does well.   Our web designers use WordPress for the SEO designed website.   WordPress is loved by  both the search engines and webmasters.   Building the site that integrated with brand, social media and on-page SEO to deliver business results.

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Pay Per Click Management

Lawyer SEOPay-per click (PPC) advertisements are sponsored advertising that appear on the right side or above the organic/natural search results.  This gives you immediate online visibility in search results and must be managed carefully to make it cost-effective. We combine it with SEO, social media PPC and campaigns for advertising in the display network which places advertisements on websites through out the web.

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Keyword Research

Keywords-ResearchKeywords are the foundation for all SEO, PPC and other search marketing strategies.  They identify your target audience in finding your products and services.  Keywords are determined from a variety of sources.   The targeted keywords are then carefully chosen to be used in your campaigns to help ensure greater success.

Keywords are tested and organized into the levels or Key Performance Indicators.  This provides the picture of your market and the best keyword terms to be focusing on.

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Law Firms SEO

legal forms internet marketingLawyers who already recognize the value of advertising must include inbound online marketing strategy for lead generation.  With the growth of people searching online, they are looking for law firms and lawyers for their specific legal needs.   If you want to have more potential clients,then you need law firms SEO services.

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Online Video Marketing Enhances Your Brand Value

Online Video MarketingCreate short and well produced videos to communicate your business unique offer and raise awareness.  Harness the real experiences of your customers with 30 second testimonials that are trusted.   Compete with the big corporations with advertising that is placed on YouTube.   All of this is now very affordable for small business. We have examples of real customers who have harnessed the power of online video marketing. Video’s can be 30,60, 90 seconds or custom length.

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