Keyword Research

keyword researchThe Keywords Research is essential in practically any online business model. The keywords are key to the foundation in which the site and its pages will be found by the search engines and by the searchers.

There are several reasons why keywords are so extremely important. One of the most important reasons is searchers who are typing in their keywords into the search engines. Keywords research and knowing what these keywords mean to the search engines results is one of the most important parts of successful marketing online.

Keywords are also important because you need targeted traffic. It means thinking like your prospective customer. An example of this is how a bike store may want to be ranked. You may have a thousand people visit your domain with the keyword “bikes”, but it’s going to be worthless if you’re only selling “Mountain Bike” and that’s not what they’re interested in.

People who search for the keyword “bikes” are probably only browsing. They may might not even be interested in a mountain bike at all – they may instead be interested in a cruiser bike or kids bike.

However, a person who is searching for “Giant Mountain bikes” is probably interested in buying this particular brand. So it really isn’t enough just to get a ton of traffic directed to your site – you want traffic that’s targeted to your business and sales objective.

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Whether you’re interested in selling, toys, bikes, shoes, books, promoting affiliate products, getting leads for, or just getting people to sign-up to your list, you want targeted visitors who will likely be a buyer now or in the future.

This is accomplished with well done keyword research.

Many SEO professionals suggest you use the keywords in the domain name. This does help, but it is not enough to get ranking on page one of Google in a highly competitive space. This is also important for Pay Per Click.

There are a variety of keyword research tools to help in the analysis and final determination of the targeted keywords.

The keyword research is very important.  It can make or break your presence online. Keywords research is how we will get you in front of your market category for those looking for your business or product.