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Lead generation5 Affordable Ways of Online Lead Generation

Fancy the term lead generation but are afraid of the various expensive modes to achieve them? Well, not all lead generation techniques have to be intimidating. Especially, when the lead generation is through a website, the easiest way to attract potential leads might seem possible only via posting textlink ads, banner ads or ads on YouTube videos and so on. While these could be good online lead generation strategies, there are many others apart from these that can offer affordable ways of this profitable technique.

  • Optimize your Website SEO: Covering a topic such as Search Engine Opimization can take up a whole lot of space as is the complexity of the process. However, once you understand the basic on page SEO steps to be executed on the sites page to make it search engine friendly followed by trendy link building strategies to pass link juice to your website your sites pages will be found by the searchers.  In fact, start from optimizing the meta title and descriptions of your website since that is the section of the website first made visible to your online web visitors on search results. Your lead generation starts with the kind of information you provide here. Follow this by other link building strategies for which Peak To Peak Marketing provides.   SEO is the number one source of effective lead generation according to MarketingSerpa.  See the survey results below.

Lead generation


  • Call to Action: Make sure to place the Call to Action button on your landing page. First, understand the psychology of your target site visitors or take an A/B testing of the site if you want to test which is the perfect Call-to-action that works for your type of a business. Also, get a quick competitor analysis done and make sure you also pay attention to the position and color scheme of this button. These factors must turn your site visitors to your potential leads. Never have multiple Call-to-action on your landing page like sign-up, free quote, free download and so on.
  • Conversion steps: Make sure your website information is easily accessible to all i.e check your website’s cross browser compatibility and usability. Then make sure you have controlled but well presented information that leads your website visitors to hit the call-to-action without second thoughts. Reduce the steps taken to reach the destination of the call-to-action, for instance, if a visitor is made to click a button that offers FREE downloads, make sure the download is available at the very next step, after necessary sign-up that is.
  • Information: Your website’s home page must feature information that your target site visitor is looking for. For instance, if you are a legal firm, you must not go boasting about “benefits of hiring you” or your “professional competence”. Everyone does that. Just make sure that you give your site visitors real case studies, a video testimonial that works like an automated referral or whitepapers or newsletter subscriptions in order to retain the visitors in case they do not click a call-to-action right away.
  • Client Management Systems: Once you have got a site visitor converted to a client, make sure you retain the client. These clients will become your future referrals and this kind of word of mouth marketing works exceedingly better than any pay-per-click ads or banner ads you spend thousands of dollars on. Ensure your website has good CRM software and customize it to your client needs such that you track every bit of your client activity on the website and try to optimize further on client management processes.

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