Do People Find Their Lawyers with Lawyer SEO Terms?

Lawyer SEOThe Bar Association conducted an interesting survey in 2010 to study public ‘Perspectives on Finding Personal Legal Services’. This poll came up with some interesting statistics.

Some of their findings include:

    • People have stopped searching for legal professionals through Yellow Pages paper directories and other paper directories.
    • The younger generation (13 per cent) is more likely to search the internet when looking for a lawyer. A lawyer using Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click to be listed in the Search Engine Results is the way they are found today.
    • While 46 per cent of people would ask a friend or family member for reference, about 7 per cent would search for them online. But this 7 per cent is a sizable population considering the fact that there are more than 5 million global searches for the term “lawyer”, and 3.35 million local searches for the same keyword.
    • Online models where people can ask for opinion from lawyers or those that provide consumer feedback are most likely to be chosen as a tool to find lawyers.
Compare this to the statistics of 1980, where about 34 per cent of people used print directories to find lawyers. A majority of people do choose to ask for references from friends and family members, but what do people do when they do not have anyone to ask for help, or wouldn’t trust the opinion of others? In the past, people would naturally turn to Yellow Pages. Now, they turn to search engines. This is especially true of niche areas.
Search engines have now made it easy for people to search for information. Thus, when they find themselves in a legal quandary, the first thing that they do is to look for information on the subject. They look for sources that could explain the solution. Blogs (lawyer SEO), forums, and formats that allow people to ask questions (to lawyers) are preferred.
If you are a lawyer, how do you make sure that people prefer your services over other choices available? This is where a term SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes into the scene. This strategy involves using techniques that optimize your site so that they are displayed time and again when people look for services in your sphere of work.This includes:
  • Choosing the right domain, that’s keyword friendly.
  • Making sure that the URL structure is correct.
  • Optimizing images on your site.
  • Using appropriate page titles, headings, and descriptions.
  • Besides these, they can also help you choose keywords that are pertinent to your business, and help to develop content around these words. Visibility in local search engines can be ensured by registering your name in local directories. Thus, a lawyer using SEO marketing finds their legal practice at an advantage of being recognized more than his peers. Target audiences do use search terms to look for lawyers services in their favorite search engines, lawyers need to engage Lawyer SEO Terms to be found online and be a part of the results.

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