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Being effective with online digital marketing requires a strategic digital marketing approach which must include reputation marketing.  People are searching online with mobile smart phones and tablets at an increasing rate.  In fact the mobile smart phones have changed the way we shop and decide where to go.    All business must now be managing their online marketing reputation.  There have been dramatic shifts in the online market place recently and the businesses that make the change will be leaving their competition in the shadows.  Being found in the search engines is no longer good enough.   You have to have a good reputation and be listed in the major directories.

Stop worrying about it. Hire Peak To Peak Marketing to take care of  your business’s digital marketing.  Then get ready to experience increases in business.

Welcome to Peak to Peak Marketing

We have the knowledge, expertise, skill and a proven process that deliver results for our clients. Reputation marketing blended with the power of increased traffic to your website and the marketing objective for conversion the ROI results are amazing.

How do we do this?  We create a strategic digital marketing plan that combines reputation marketing, good web design, search engine optimization (SEO) in local listings, pay per click advertising, social media, citation directories with correct information, and of course offers for conversion.  Then we tenaciously go to work to achieve and dominate the local market category.

What Is Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is the game changer with digital marketing.  You can do everything else right and if your reputation is anything less than 5 stars then your online marketing is not working effectively for you.

Game changers are:

  • #1 The Google search results now show company name with location and reputation
  • #2 Bad scores and reviews are now at the top of the search results. Local maps, Pay Per Click, and organic rankings
  • #3 People are reading them and making decisions based on the reviews and scores.  One bad review can ruin your business reputation and all the good online marketing.  The opposite of that is of course that good scores and reviews send you prequalified customers.
  • #4 People trust online reviews second only to personal recommendations.  They look at the reviews with more trust than editorial reviews in news papers and magazines and articles.
  • #5 People are engaged in multiple directories looking for what you have to offer and those directories have reviews.

How to take control in today's digital marketing frontier

Stop being afraid.   We have the solutions. 

We will work with you to build a system that will develop a 5 stars reputation online, manage and monitor it, market it and create the 5 star reputation that will keep your business ahead of the competition.

Many people ask us, what is SEO?  SEO is only part of the chain of digital marketing.

“SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the methods of getting your website to rank higher in the search engines of Bing, Yahoo and of course Google.   Search engine optimization combines the on-site optimization with a well designed website and relevant content with the off-site methods, such as social media and citations.  The off-site methods involve building natural back links to point to pages of the website to increase your organic rankings.  Then when the searchers type in their questions and words for your products or services, your local listing and website needs to be on page one of the search results with a 5 Star reputation.    Search engine optimization, reputation marketing and  social media marketing are all combined and always evolving.